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      Masters of our time

      Inspired by the extraordinary destiny and grandeur of the Greek goddess, RHEA, wife of Chronos, god of time. Illustrated with a lion at his feet, we gathered to create refined timepieces worthy of his glory.

      Impregnated by the natural forces, and a rebellious and adventurous personality, RHEA who has turned his time upside down by facing Chronos opens its doors to those who appreciate the elegance and the exceptional, who dares to become revolutionary to make their life rewarding while seeking simplicity.

      Our watches promise quality, from creation by qualified manufacturers to delivery.
      Welcome to RHEA’s time.

      Assembly entirely by hand and hand tools in our workshop.

      2 year international warranty.

      ISA SWISS electronic quartz movement, 2 jewels, theoretical autonomy of 5 years thanks to its rotating stepper motor, 3 steps per minute, produced by a small company from Brenets, Switzerland.

      Sapphire glass made from crystallized aluminum oxide at high temperature. This transformation makes this glass an extremely resistant and scratch-resistant material in everyday life.

      Needles blue steel 288 ° C, the color is obtained by a process of temperature rise in order to oxidize a piece of steel. When the latter cools in contact with the air, the steel piece develops a thin layer of scale that protects it against oxidation and leaves a blue appearance depending on the temperature to which it has been in contact.

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